Elementary school


Brick’R’knowledge topics for elementary schools 

Basics of electronics and renewable energy are the two topics that we offer for elementary schools. First of all, the pupils will learn how to build circuits and how they work with the Basic Set. A big advantage is here the handling of the bricks. Additionally, the pupils can understand which component is in which brick by looking at the lable – even without reading. The topic of renewable energy is presented in a didactic way with the Solar Set. Children can try out a lot of experiments which are also suitable for group projects.

Recommended sets

Basic Set


Experimenting is fun for the whole class! Learning electronic engineering seems to be dreary to most pupils. Those days are now over, thanks to exiting, colourful little electronic bricks from Brick’R’knowledge! Our Brick’R’knowledge Basic Set enables an easy introduction to electronic engineering. 19 Bricks explain the most important units and operations. Possessing one of the Brick ‘R’ knowledge Sets, you our your kids officially belong to the Maker Generation. Perfect for beginners, simple as well as complex circuits can be realized. Brick’R’knowledge is an open source experimental kit and educational system and can be adaptet to individual requirements. Efficiently, the system makes electronical knowledge more accessable and allows to hand it down to the younger generation in a playful way. To deal with electronics for the long term, the Basic Set is the most suitable beginning.
Solar Set


The Brick’R’knowledge solar set guarantees fun with experiments for the whole family and introduces renewable energies in a playful and easy way. How does a solar cell work? How is it possible that an accumulator stores energy? How can you build a night light with a motion detector? Those questions and many more will be answered with the set.