Dear teachers, professors, school leaders, trainers, kindergarten teachers and workshop trainers,

thank you very much for choosing the electronics learning system Brick’R’knowledge! Our aim is to simplify the learning and teaching of analogue and digital electronics, digital circuit technology, renewable energy and development and to make this knowledge accessible to everyone. A common problem in electronics classes is the presentation and handling of electronic components. On the one hand, the circuits that are soldered on PCBs are not reusable, on the other hand, the breadoard has the disadvantage of not being able to document circuits in an easy way. Another big problem is that most of the up-to-date components are only available in the SMD form which is not suitable for lessons in class. The advantages of the Brick’R’knowledge system for education purposes can be explained in five easy steps:

  1. Uncomplicated exchange of the components and change of the circuit by connecting bricks.
  2. Easy documentation and sharing of the circuit plans by taking a photo of the circuit.
  3. Robust and stable plug system by plastic housings that can be opened and four pole hermaphrodite connectors which can also realize 3D constuctions.
  4. Compact circuits by ground return.
  5. Didactic mauals and new projects everyday via a growing community.


Set navigator

Sets / Education institutes Kindergarten Elementary school School of general education University Taught knowledge
7 Color Light Set x
  • Constructing with LEDs
  • Learning colors and numbers
Basic Set x
  • Basic knowledge of electronic components
  • Knowledge of circuits
  • Basic electronical knowledge
Solar Set x x
  • Production of energy with photovoltaic systems
  • Converting energy
  • Knowledge of circuits
Advanced Set x x
  • Deeper electronical knowledge
  • Construction of complex electronic circuits
Arduino Coding Set x x
  • Programming with the Arduino IDE or C++
  • Deeper electronic knowledge
Logic Set x x
  • Construction of basic electronic circuits
  • Deeper knowledge of logic gates
Internet of Things Set x x
  • Programming of  own website
  • Basic knowledge about home automation
DIY Set x x
  • Soldering
  • Construction of basic circuits
Programmable LED Set x x
  • Programming LEDs
Measurement Sets One & Two x x
  • Measuring in brick circuits
MHz & GHz DIY Sets x
  • Designing own bricks in the field of high frequency