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LED inverted

by Chris The inverted logic states are used in industry and... >> Read more 0

LED as photodiode

by Michael Knieling In a LED, light is produced by a recombination of ... >> Read more 0

Darlington circuit

by Jane Smith The darlington circuit increased by an additional ... >> Read more 0

Transistors in darlington conguration

by Tim The Darlington circuit contains two connected tran... >> Read more 0

Transistor as a switch

by Jane Smith This set-up shows the classic operation of the tra... >> Read more 0

Astable Multivibrator

by Michael Knieling A classic circuit for generating a square wave osc... >> Read more 0

LED lighter or darker

by Carina Wind Once you turn the potentiometer the green LED will... >> Read more 0

Motion detector with visual and audible alarm

by Bernd D. Here is the related video: >> Read more 0

AM Radio

by Jörg S. The ZN414 is a IC in form of a transistor that mak... >> Read more 0

Wecker mit Aufbewahrungsbox

by Julia Bauer Abends vor dem Schlafen gehen, wenn es schon dunk... >> Read more 0

Sternen Projektor

by Julia Bauer Ein einfacher Projektor für Kinder... >> Read more 0


by Jörg S. Der ZN414 ist ein IC in Form eines Transistors, we... >> Read more 0