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Timer 555 bistable – alternative 2

by Sophie Seewald The timer 555-brick can also be connected in a dif... >> Read more 0

Timer 555 bistable – alternative 1

by Sophie Seewald This example of a flip-flop circuit is made withou... >> Read more 0

Timer 555 bistable

by Sophie Seewald In this experiment we use the timer 555-brick as a... >> Read more 0

Bistable multivibrator

by Julia Bauer Bipolar ip-ops are controlled by two triggers and ... >> Read more 0

LED with constant current and 18V supply change

by Jane Smith To check if the flow through the LED remains const... >> Read more 0

Transistor as inverter

by Jane Smith To implement a dark or twilight circuit, a transis... >> Read more 0

Timer 555 monostable

by Sophie/Seewald With the timer-brick it is easy to implement a mon... >> Read more 0

Timer 555 astable

by Sophie/Seewald The classic oscillator! With the use of two resist... >> Read more 0

LDR and transistor

by Julia Bauer Our LDR-brick changes its resistance not mechanica... >> Read more 0

LDR used for night light with transistor and resistor

by Julia Bauer It´s not very useful to automatically switch on a... >> Read more 0

LED with constant current at 9V supply voltage

by Julia Bauer Since the voltage drop across diodes (also LEDs) i... >> Read more 0

Gemaltes Brick Bild

by Julia Christina Bauer Löcher in das Bild mit einem Nagel machen, Bild m... >> Read more 0